Share what God has given you...
by giving back.

This ONLINE GIVING page of our website is provided to allow an easy portal for those who would like to help resource Adobe in its mission to serve our community. You might be interested in responses to some common questions regarding the finances of our church and those are provided below. Should you have any questions or suggestions concerning this page, please email Pastor Bill Funk at or call the church office at 707-763-2012.

Our support comes from people who tithe (giving 10% of what they earn back to God) and from free-will offerings of attendees and supporters. It is normal for anyone that calls Adobe “home” to support the church with their 3 T’s (time, talent and treasure) – in this case their treasure (finances). We do not have a few individuals who fund everything. We are an independent church – responsible to resource our own mission.

Our financial stewards (overseers) are our church board. Financial statements are reviewed monthly by this team, are shared with all church members annually, and are available to those members whenever they would like a copy. We also take the utmost care in our financial systems including having multiple signers on checks and practicing safe and accountable financial handling procedures.

We are a church and therefore we invest in people wherever and whenever we can. We generously support our Global Partners and invest deeply into the needs of our community. Sometimes we even give away food, coffee, Bibles, books and other gifts. We follow the lead of our generous God who teaches us to give.

There is not a lot of leftover money and sometimes there is none. But what is leftover goes toward ministry expenses for the following year. We are not a business and therefore do not “post profits”. All of our funds go to serving our community and church.